Blue Cruises in Turkey


Weekly Blue Cruises from Antalya with Gullet Boats. Antalya, Kas, Phaselis, Kekova Bay

Blue Cruise in Antalya Turkey

Antalya departure blue cruise route is recommended for those who will also want to observe history and see more ancients sights on the way, besides the main idea of blue cruises: escape from the tiresome city life into the untouched nature.

Day 1: Kemer (Antalya)

Embarking: Check in to boats after 15:30. Early arriving guests may leave their luggage at the office of our local partners. The cruise boats stay in the marina of Antalya on the first day of the cruise program, therefore the guests can check-in to the boats from early afternoon till late evening, which gives you flexibility with arrival time of your flights or buses, especially useful if you are not staying in a hotel in Antalya the previous night. Thus, you will also have a chance to discover lovely Antalya city on the first day.
Dinner on board and overnight at your private cabin at the cruise boat.

Day 2: Olympos - Adrasan
We will set sail to the ancient city of Olympus (Olimpos),Antalya. Olympus, one of the most important port cities of Lycia, has been an element of mythological stories all throughout history. Olympus was a home for pirates because of its location in the past and today it is now known all over the world because of its historical values, 3.200 meter long beautiful coast, endemic plantation, and its wooden houses used as pensions today. After lunch and a swimming break we will be heading to Adrasan Çavus Bay for dinner and overnight stay.

Adrasan Bay is 8 miles away from Olympos, a place that you would expect to see in a National Geographic magazine, set in the middle of most beautiful untouched natural zone, which has the most fantastic bronze colored sands stretching along the numerous beaches. It is an exceptional place in Southern costs of Turkey which tourism industry hasn't reached yet, a serenity place with its pure nature, clean air and sea. It is a kind of vacation destination that you will enjoy visiting year after year with its natural attractions, an ideal location for boat trips to nearby bays and islands, windsurfing, scuba-diving, water-ski and similar activities.

Day 3: Demre - Cayagzi- Gokkaya
After breakfast the boat will depart for Demre (ancient Lycian city of Myra) arriving around midday. The lunch will be served in Demre bay. After lunch you can either stay in the bay or join an approximately 2 hours optional tour of Demre-Myra with an extra self-payment. The incredible rock-tombs carved on the mountain slopes, the ancient theater which is still standing and the Church of St. Nicholas who is believed to be the original Santa Claus are the most interesting highlights of Demre. After the tour, the boat will move on to Gokkaya bay, arriving early in the evening. Dinner and overnight in Gokkaya bay in Kekova.

Demre is the Lycian town of Myra, the home of Saint Nicholas of Myra the original Santa Claus; located 25km west of Finike and 48km east of Kas, Myra was one of the most important cities in antique Lycia. Coins have been found dating back to 300 BC but logically the city must have been founded centuries earlier. The city thrived as part of the Roman Empire and many public buildings were constructed. The earliest church of St. Nicholas at Myra was built in the 6th century. The present-day church stems mainly from the 8th century; a monastery was added in the second half of the 11th century. The ruins of the Lycian and Roman towns are mostly covered by alluvial silts. The Acropolis on the Demre plateau, the Roman theatre and the Roman bath (eski hamam) have been partly excavated. The semi-circular theater was destroyed in an earthquake in 141, but rebuilt afterwards.

Day 4: Tersane - Ucagiz
After breakfast we will cruise over the sunken city. We will be docking at Tersane Bay for lunch and swimming break. For dinner and overnight stay we will anchor at Üçağız Bay. If you wish, you can join the optional Kas - Saklikent excursion.

Day 5: Simena - Kekova
After having breakfast in Ucagiz, you can take the chance to visit Simena which is located on the mountain edge right behind Kaleköy and opposite Kekova Island. There you can find the Genoese Castle and the ruins of a theatre with a 300 capacity. Dinner and overnight stay will be in Kekova.

Simena is the ancient Lycian name of Kalekoy which is a village of the Kas district in the Antalya Province of Turkey on the Mediterranean coast. Lycian League consisted of a group of city states (Xantos, Patara, Myra, Pinara, Tlos and Olympos) dating back to 13th century BC which was self-governed most of the time although it has been under the control of greater empires of Romans, Greeks and Persians. Kalekoy faces the island of Kekova, and can be reached only by sea. The village lies amidst a Lycian necropolis, which is partially sunken underwater. Kalekoy is overlooked by a Byzantine castle, built in the Middle Ages to fight the pirates which nested in Kekova. The castle contains a small theatre. Kalekoy is a popular yachting destination.

Kekova Island is a small Turkish island near Kas district of Antalya province which faces the villages of Kalekoy (ancient Simena) and Ucagiz (ancient Teimioussa). Kekova has an area of 4.5 km² and is uninhabited. On its northern side there are the ruins—partly sunken—of Dolchiste/Dolikisthe, an ancient town which was destroyed by an earthquake during the second century A.D. Rebuilt and still flourishing during the Byzantine Empire period, it was completely abandoned because of Arab incursions.

Day 6: Porto Ceneviz - Phaselis
We will start early in the morning and arrive at Ceneviz (Genoese) Harbour or Sazak Bay. After lunch we will anchor at Phaselis Bay. Phaselis was founded as a colony of the Rhodesians in 7th century B.C. Phaselis has three different bays and its people used to earn their living from the sea. The city was also famous for perfume trade in ancient times. If you wish, you can walk around the antique town full of antique ruins which are located on the seashore. Dinner and overnight stay will be in this beautiful bay.

Olympos is a green valley at the southern coast of Turkey, 90 km southwest of Antalya city near the Town of Kemer. The ancient city was founded in the Hellenistic period dating back to the 2nd century BC, sharing its name with the nearby Mount Olympos. Near Olympos, located in the neighboring village of Cirali and about 200 meters above sea level, the eternal flames called the Chimaera may be seen issuing from the ground. The source of the flames is actually natural gas, mostly methane, seeping through cracks in the earth. The mythical Chimaera - or Chimera - was a savage beast who sprouted fire from its mouth. The Olympians worshipped the god of fire Hephaestos (Vulcan), probably connected to the eternal flame. Apart from the ruins, modern time Olympos village is well known for its simple tree-house camps, where most tourists stay, and a natural environment thanks to forests and vineyards near to a beautiful beach. The Olympos village is located some distance from the shore in the heart of the Olympos national park by the banks of a small river. The surrounding area of the village offers best conditions for trekking, Mountain biking, canyoning, rock climbing.

Day 7: Antalya or Kemer
After breakfast, we will cruise to Ayisigi (moonlight) Bay. Dinner and overnight stay will be in Kemer Marina or Antalya Çelebi Marina. It is possible to check out from the boat in Antalya this evening for those who need to depart earlier.

Day 8: Goodbye
Guests will leave the boat by 10:30 after your last breakfast on board.


2017 Summer Prices (Full Board- Per Week)
Weekly prices in Euros between below dates (person in double cabin)

1) Standard Cruise
Departure Days: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays only.
PERIOD 1 : 11.04 - 07.05 and 16.10 - 25.10 : Price € 200 pp in double
PERIOD 2 :  08.05 - 28.05 and 02.10 - 15.10 : Price € 240 pp in double
PERIOD 3 : 29.05 - 02.07 : Price € 295 pp in double
PERIOD 4 : 03.07- 23.07 and 04.09 - 01.10 : Price € 360 pp in double
PERIOD 5 : 24.07- 03.09 : Price € 480 pp in double

2) Air-Conditioned Cruise
Departure Days: Only Sundays.
PERIOD 1 : 19.04 - 07.05 and 16.10 - 18.10 : Price € 220 pp in double
PERIOD 2 : 08.05 - 28.05 and 02.10 - 15.10 : Price € 250 pp in double
PERIOD 3 : 29.05 - 02.07 and : Price € 300 pp in double
PERIOD 4 : 03.07- 23.07 and 04.09 - 01.10 : Price € 370 pp in double
PERIOD 5 : 24.07- 03.09 : Price € 490 pp in double
Air Condition using one hour after the Lunch , one hour before the diner and four hours the night. (Total 6 hours )

Single supplement: Double per person + % 55
Attention: Cabin share for single participants and separate beds in double rooms are not guaranteed

Prices include:
* All services, harbor taxes and yacht insurance*
* Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during the cruise period*
* Basic snorkeling and fishing equipments and board games*
* 7 nights accommodation in private cabins with en-suite bath/WC*
* Towels and bed sheets, but still bring personal towels and swimming materials*

Prices do not include.
* Personal travel insurance.
* Airport and hotel transfers from/to boats.
* Optional excursions at some stopover places which may be recommended by boat staffs.
* Drinks are not included but available at the boat with very reasonable prices.
* Various surcharges in case of credit card payments ( Visa, Master, and Amex)


Payment and Reservation

How to book: We will request 15-30% of the total tour price for guaranteed reservations. We will send you a detailed reservation contract by e-mail after all details are confirmed mutually.

Please note these:
This blue cruise starts regularly only on mentioned days. Private version of the same or similar route can be organized starting any day for private groups if requested. Private charter cruises can also be shorter or longer than 7 nights, if required.
This cruise is classified as cabin charter and the boats are standard quality (no air-condition). Private charter version of the same or similar route can be organized with standard, deluxe or superior quality boats if requested by private groups.
There may be small changes with the cruise route. This is the most common route for this destination but the captain can make some minor changes with the route due to weather conditions.

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A complete list of cruises we offer in Turkey

Marmaris - Fethiye - Marmaris (7 Nights)
Average Price: 240-520 Euro per person per week in double cabins; including tax, accommodation on gullet boats with en suite baths, breakfast, lunch, dinner, board games and basic snorkeling equipments.

Antalya - Kekova - Antalya (7 Nights)
Average Price: 240-520 Euro per person per week in double cabins; including tax, accommodation on gullet boats with en suite baths, breakfast, lunch, dinner, board games and basic snorkeling equipments. .

Fethiye - Kekova - Fethiye (7 Nights)
Average Price: 240-520 Euro per person per week in double cabins; including tax, accommodation on gullet boats with en suite baths, breakfast, lunch, dinner, board games and basic snorkeling equipments. .

Bodrum - Gokova - Bodrum (7 Nights)
Average Price: 240-520 Euro per person per week in double cabins; including tax, accommodation on gullet boats with en suite baths, breakfast, lunch, dinner, board games and basic snorkeling equipments. .

Bodrum - Hisaronu Deluxe Cruise (7 Nights - Air-Conditioned)
Average Price: 570-750 Euro per person per week including tax, accommodation on air-conditioned luxury gullet boats with en suite baths, high standard breakfast, lunch and dinner

Fethiye - Olimpos (Antalya) (4 Days 3 Nights)
Average Price: 190-300 Euro per person in double cabins. This is a budget mini-cruise including tax, accommodation on gullet boats, breakfast, lunch, dinner, board games and basic snorkeling equipments

Bodrum - Greek Islands (7 Nights & Air Conditioned)
Average Price: 500-800 Euro per person per week; including tax, custom charges, accommodation on gullet boats, breakfast, lunch, dinner, board games and basic snorkeling equipments

Tailor Made Routes
Book your private boat and cruise in any destination and time. From recommended variety of boat options you may select the one which fits to your budget and/or expectations.




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