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Marmaris Fehtiye Gullet Cruise

Marmaris-Fethiye-Marmaris cruise route is one of the most popular of regular cabin charter boat cruises which are organized in paradise Southwestern cost of Turkey.

Arrival: There are regular bus connection to Marmaris from all major cities and towns of Turkey. Dalaman is the nearest airport to Marmaris (90 km) and there are frequent flights from Istanbul Ataturk Airport. There is airport shuttle service of HAVAS for each domestic flight from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris inner city bus terminal, which takes 90 minutes and costs around 15 Euro pp.

Embarking Days: Saturdays


The boarding starts at 15:30 from Marmaris Harbour. On the first day, the service starts on the boat with dinner and an overnight stay in Marmaris Port. Marmaris, which was built upon one of the antique Karian cities called Phyckos, has been under the rule of many different civilizations. The most valuable work of art that you can see today is Marmaris Castle dating from 1577. There is also a mosque and an 8-room caravansary covered with arches from the Ottoman Period. The ruins of the Antique times lie on Asar Hill; a small, low hill located on the northern side of the city. Being one of the best-known touristic places of Turkey, Marmaris has also a large marina.

After your breakfast, you will be informed about the cruise itinerary and the boat. The cruise will move towards Ekincik Gulf. You may join our optional Dalyan Tour from here. You will be taken from your yacht by a small boat called “piyade”. You will arrive at Caretta-Caretta (turtle) Beach and take a swimming break here. You will enjoy the natural beauty of the delta as you cruise along the river. You will see the ancient Rock Tombs and finally arrive at mud baths to relax and be rejuvenated. A fishing village called Dalyan will be our final destination after we return to our yacht by piyade boat. Dinner and an overnight stay will be in the Gulf of Ekincik.

Dalyan: Dalyan achieved international fame in 1986 when developers wanted to build a luxury hotel on the nearby Iztuzu Beach , a breeding ground for the endangered loggerhead sea turtle species. The development project was stopped and the beach is now a protected area. Iztuzu is also a popular area for sunbathing and swimming.

There are regular boat and minibus services to the beach. Dalyan's turtle beach, was voted the best beach in the world in 1995. Life in Dalyan revolves around the Dalyan River which flows past the town. The boats that ply up and down the river, navigating the maze of reeds, are the preferred means of transport to all the local sites. Above the river's sheer cliffs are the weathered facades of Lycian tombs cut from rock, circa 400 AC. The ruins of the ancient trading city of Kaunos are a short boat trip across the river.

Because of the wavy seas of Disibilmez and Kurtoglu capes that we have to cross, we will cruise earlier than the other days and reach the world-famous Gocek Gulf. We will anchor at Tersane Island for breakfast and swimming break. We will cruise to Manastir (Monastery) Bay. This place is also known as Cleopatra Bay or Sunken Bath Bay due to the beautiful underwater ruins of an old bath. Dinner and overnight stay at Kizil Island.

Tersane Island is the largest island in Fethiye Gulf. Entrance of the harbor-like bay of the island is via a deep narrow channel. The Eastern side of the bay is very suitable for anchor because it is quite shallow and protected from the wind. According to ancient sources, the island was inhabited and named Telandria in the past and was also used as a dockyard for the ships during the Ottoman period. Many houses from past ages can be still seen on the island, which give an idea of the population of the island during the Byzantium and Ottoman periods. As with Kaya Köyü in Fethiye, inhabitants of Tersane Island migrated to Greece in 1922 as a result of an agreement between Turkey and Greece to exchange the foreign populations in the two countries. North of the Island is another anchorage called Summer Port, another nice spot for swimming.

Manastir Bay: The people also call this beautiful bay Cleopatra's Bath because of the ruined Roman bath lying in the water southeast of the bay. It is certain that there is no relation between the bath and Cleopatra but local people like to say so. The volcanic structure of the natural hillside of the bay also confirms the existence of a crater lake, which gave warm waters to the bath house in ancient times. The pine trees in the bay cover the slopes from the seaside to the top of the hill, where you also see carob trees as well. A long ancient wall stretches west of the bay, seemingly the defense wall of the Lycian city Lydae that is located behind the hill. South of the bay, where the remains of the bath are, is an ideal anchorage spot closed to wind.

Arrive at Fethiye Harbor early in the morning. Fethiye, which was known as Telmessos in the ancient times, was the most important city situated on Lycia's western border with Caria. As the name suggests, the city was the city of light and was famous for its prophets. We also offer the option of a jeep safari tour in Fethiye. For those who will not join the Safari, the boat will cruise to Samanlik Bay for lunch and swimming. Afterwards around 16:00 the boat will anchor at Ece Saray Marina for dinner and overnight stay.
Attention: The participants who joined for 'Marmaris > Fethiye Mini Cruise' version should check out by 16:30.

Fethiye is one of the most popular resorts of Turkey located on a wide bay, strewn with many islands. Fethiye is 135 kms southwest of Marmaris and has an outstanding and busy marina. The ancient name of the city is Telmessos and you will see a fortress on the hill overlooking the city which was built by Knights of Rhodes Island. Fethiye is also known for its rock tombs carved into the faces of the high cliffs by the Lycians. Among these tombs especially remarkable one is the tomb of Amnytas dating from the 4th century BC, elaborately carved in Doric architectural style. It is worth well visiting. Other historical places around the town are the Sarcopaghi and the Fethiye Tower.

Attention: Fethiye > Marmaris Mini Cruise guests must embark the boat before 09:00 a.m. from Fethiye..
After breakfast, we will cruise to world-famous Gocek Gulf. While moving through uniquely beautiful islands, we finally anchor at Yassica Islands. Lunch will be taken in this beautiful chain of little islands. Snorkeling in the crystal clear water is recommended. Dinner and overnight in a bay amongst the gulf of Gocek.

Gocek is located 22 km from Dalaman International Airport and 35 km from Fethiye. Positioned at the furthest north end of Fethiye bay. Göcek hosts four significant marinas that serve the yacht tourism in the region. A prominent characteristic of the town is the fact that it harbors islands and coves located in a large and secluded bay. Due to its location, it naturally enjoys a high potential for yacht tourism. Göcek was relatively small village until 1990's and is known as Turkey's greatest chromium reserve. The recent development of several yacht marinas in Göcek bay and the town's proximity to the pretty islands and bays in the Fethiye Gulf, has made it a popular harbor town offering every kinds of service to yachtsmen, a laid-back nightlife and quaint streets lined with pretty buildings. Göcek Bay makes an excellent overnight stop on any cruise

After breakfast, we sail to the spectacularly stunning Bedri Rahmi Bay, named after a famous Turkish artist and then to Sarsala Bay. Cruise to Aga Limani after lunch. Overnight stay in this lovely bay..

Bedri Rahmi Bay is one of the most popular bays in the Fethiye Gulf, which is located opposite from Tersane (Dockyard) Island . Bedri Rahmi was a great writer and painter of Turkey. He and his close friends were the first blue voyagers of the country who discovered the beautiful Lycian coast and informed people about these beauties. On one of his cruises, he painted a fish on a rock (left) behind a fountain of the bay in 1973, and ever since the bay has been called by his name. The bay is well protected against the wind and suitable for anchoring. Pine, olive trees and oleander flowers on the surrounding slopes, small beach and crystal - clear water complement the historical remains on the hill and create an idyllic setting. There are many Lycian rock tombs hidden behind the trees, as well as ones shaped like pigeonholes on a great rock. You can also see a rock tomb with an ornamented door and a triple tomb on the slope. According to the ancient historians, the city that is located behind of the hill was the Lycian town Crya.

After breakfast, depending on the weather, depart early for Cape Kadirga with swim stops along the way. Tea is served at 5 pm somewhere in the vicinity of Cennet Island. Afterwards we sail to Marmaris port. Overnight stay at Marmaris Harbour. Guests wishing to see more of Marmaris are recommended to go to the city center and experience the lively night life. Overnight in Marmaris.
Guests will leave the boat by 10:30 after your last breakfast on board.



2018 Summer Prices (Full Board- Per Week)
First departure on May 19th / Last departure on September 29th
Prices in Euros between below dates (person in double cabin)


Beginning Days:  Saturdays only
(First departure on May 19th / Last departure on September 29th)
April 28th - May 18th
October 06th - 19th
255 Euro pp
May 19th - June 8th
Sept 22nd- Oct 05th
320 Euro pp
September 01st - 21st 370 Euro pp
June 09th - August 03rd 450 Euro pp
August 04th - 31st 530 Euro pp
Single supplement: % 60
Cabins mostly have 1 double bed and twin (separate) beds are not guaranteed. Cabin share is also not guaranteed for single participants. They need to book a private cabin and pay the corresponding price supplement. 


Marmaris > Fethiye Mini Cruises
Departures: Saturday after 15:30
Check out:  Tuesday 16:30
There will be apprx. %20-25 discount off weekly rates, which may differ depending on the season.
Please ask specific rates !
Fethiye >Marmaris Mini Cruises
Departures: Wed before 09:00 a.m
Check Out: Saturday 10:30 a.m
Attention: Cabin share for single participants and separate beds in double rooms are not guaranteed

Prices include:
* All services, harbor taxes and yacht insurance*
* Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during the cruise period*
* Basic snorkeling and fishing equipments and board games*
* 7 nights accommodation in private cabins with en-suite bath/WC*
* Towels and bed sheets, but still bring personal towels and swimming materials*

Prices do not include.
* Personal travel insurance.
* Airport and hotel transfers from/to boats.
* Optional excursions at some stopover places which may be recommended by boat staffs.
* Drinks are not included but available at the boat with very reasonable prices.
* Various surcharges in case of credit card payments ( Visa, Master, and Amex)


Payment and Reservation
How to book: We will request 15-30% of the total tour price for guaranteed reservations. We will send you a detailed reservation contract by e-mail after all details are confirmed mutually.

Please note these:
This blue cruise starts regularly only on mentioned days. Private version of the same or similar route can be organized starting any day for private groups if requested. Private charter cruises can also be shorter or longer than 7 nights, if required.
This cruise is classified as cabin charter and the boats are standard quality (no air-condition). Private charter version of the same or similar route can be organized with standard, deluxe or superior quality boats if requested by private groups.
There may be small changes with the cruise route. This is the most common route for this destination but the captain can make some minor changes with the route due to weather conditions.

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Click here for the map of the blue voyage routes in Turkey
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