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Imagine you are staying in a boutique hotel, but this one is moving from one lovely town to a paradise bay, from there to a blue flag sandy beach, from there to near-by of an ancient site and you are always on the sea but never too far from the land and people. Blue cruises are exceptional holiday activities in the world peculiar to the South-Western cost of Turkey especially, and completely a different adventure when compared to the cruises with big ships which can never reach to these narrow bays. Besides, blue cruises are performed by relaxed short-distance sailings and they offer a perfect natural atmosphere, more personal touch, keep you away from exhausting city life, but do not totally isolate you from the real world of simple people

Blue cruise boat reservations are basically classified in 2 categories.

1) Cabin Charter Boat Cruises.
In this option you are reserving one ore more cabins in a regular cruise already scheduled in specific route, destination and between specific date period. The other cabins are naturally sold to other participants who may be interested for the same cruise by boat operators or partner travel agencies.
Click here for regular (cabin charter) cruise routes in Turkey.

2) Private Charter Boat Cruises. (minimum 8 participants)
In this option the boats are reserved privately by individuals, small or big groups. Thus, no other participants will join this cruise other then determined by the people who reserves the boat. The clients will have the flexibility about the cruise period and route, as long as it is applicable in practice.


Attention: Minimum 8 participants required.

For some people it is not very desirable to spend days in a small boat with people they do not know much about. If you are a group of people, or you think you can bring together some other people it will be easy for us to organize custom-made cruise programs. We have 8 years of experience and direct contacts with many boat owners and boat operators in all cruise regions of Turkey. After receiving your requests we will suggest you best alternatives which may fulfill your expectations as soon as possible.

To avoid waste of time, we will initially we need to get some necessary information from you. Please kindly ready the following details before contacting us..

Destinations and Routes
First of all we need to know the departure and arrival points. When you decide about the cruise route we highly recommend you to consider our regular cruise routes, because they have been scheduled considering maximum cruising durations, whether conditions, the distances of harbors/bays from each other where the boats can anchor or stay overnight etc. Although the routes can be customized in private charter boat reservations, it also must not be beyond human control. As long as initial departure and arrival locations and general routes are clear, the captains will be flexible during the cruise as much as possible. During private charter cruises the boat can anchor at 2-3 bays in a day a you wish. but there will be maximum 4 hours cruising per day. Last stop will be the place you will stay overnight.

You must also remember that the boats are mostly based in certain harbors (mainly Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Kemer and Antalya) So the boat will be selected depending on initial departure place from the nearest one. Unless you have any special reason our recommended departure destination is Bodrum, where the boats are more abundant and the price alternatives are better. Besides, Bodrum itself is one of the most popular of summer destinations in Turkey, and transportation options from Istanbul and other cities are also abundant. Antalya would be the second recommended option for similar reasons and especially Antalya-Olympos-Kas route is great for nature and history lovers.

Recommended blue cruise routs in Turkey are as follows:
Bodrum > Gokova > Bodrum - 1 week
Bodrum > Hisaronu > Bodrum - 1 week
Marmaris > Fethiye > Marmaris - 1 week
Marmaris > Datca > Marmaris - 1 week
Marmaris > Fethiye - 4 days
Fethiye > Marmaris - 4 days
Fethiye > Kekova > Fethiye- 1 week.
Kemer (Antalya) > Kekova > Kemer
Fethiye > Olimpos - 4 days

Cruise period
First of all, the recommended cruise period is between May-September. It is also possible in April and October but the whether will not be hot enough for a typical cruise.

We would also like to know the date you want to book a cruise as specific as possible. The boats may have been already booked in different periods and it is hard to change reserved dates after bookings are completed. The price of the same boats will be different on different period of the season. The prices are highest in peak season (July and August) and Saturday to Saturday cruises are usually priced better. (See below for more)

The pricing of the private charter boat reservation is per boat - not per person/per cabin, but naturally the price depends on the size and capacity of the boat. In other words, if you book a boat of 10-15 person capacity, the total price will be same even if you are 5 people. But some boat may have more cabins and can be cheaper than a smaller boats. This depend on the quality of the boat as well.

Already note that even in the case of private charter bookings, Saturday to Saturday bookings are always priced better by the boat owners. Especially in peak season, weekly prices are charged even if the booking is less that 7 nights. As already mentioned above, arrival and departure destinations should also be same for a better price, otherwise 1 day cost of cruise price will be requested additionally (some 15 percent of weekly price) as drop-back charge.

Therefore, we would also like to know the quality of the boat you would prefer, which is another major criteria for pricing. The boats are roughly classified as standard, superior, high-class, luxury and deluxe in terms of quality (though in some case the difference may be hard to notice). Please let us know your minimum expectation with the boat, including how many cabins you would need in total. With few exception, the boat cabin would usually have one double bed, and accommodates maximum 2 people Please let us know minimum number of cabins and berths (cabin beds) you need accordingly.

Air-condition is not available in standard boats. Please specify if you need air conditioned boats, but remember the usage of air-condition is also limited (average 8 hours per day) in the boats.

Please note that July & August is peak season and the prices are the highest. Boats get cheaper respectively in June & September and May & October. We will be able to get better prices in case of early reservation. The boat prices roughly ranges from 350 to 1500 Euro per day for standard boats and from 2000 to 5000 Euro per day for deluxe boats.

Meals & Drinks
Meals are also charged additionally. Standard meals cost (breakfast, lunch, dinner) are about 25-30 Euro, deluxe meals are about 35-40 Euro per person/per day. Drinks are sold on the boats additionally by the staff, or you can pay roughly € 25 pp pd to include unlimited local alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages. If you want to bring your own meals and drinks, you may need to pay a service charge, which also differs from boat to boat.

Here is estimated price samples of various quality/average size (9-12 pax capacity) boats which may help you decide what quality boat you should book. Unless stated otherwise prices include harbour taxes, mooring expenses, crew service, ship water, fuel, benzene, bed linen equipments, towels, transit log, official permissions, yacht insurance (we advise you to take out your own personnel travel insurance and cancellation insurance )
In summary we will need to know the following information before making you an offer:

* Departure and arrival dates
* Destination (Antalya, Bodrum, Marmaris etc)
* Number of participant and cabins (Minimum 8 participants required)
* Quality of boat and your basic requirements. (especially if you need air-condition)
* Your estimated daily budget for the cruise (to help us find the right options more quickly)

When we receive your inquiry we will offer you several boat options/and their respective prices among which you can make your selection.

Click here for more information about blue cruises and gullet boats.

Attention: Minimum 8 participants required.




A complete list of regular cruises we offer in Turkey

Marmaris - Fethiye - Marmaris (7 Nights)
Air-Conditioned Standard (+) Boats
Accommodation on gullet boats with en suite baths, breakfast, lunch, dinner, board games and basic snorkeling equipments.

Antalya - Kekova - Antalya (7 Nights)
Air-Conditioned Standard (+) Boats
Accommodation on gullet boats with en suite baths, breakfast, lunch, dinner, board games and basic snorkeling equipments. 

Bodrum - Gokova - Bodrum (7 Nights)
Air-Conditioned Standard (+) Boats
Accommodation on gullet boats with en suite baths, breakfast, lunch, dinner, board games and basic snorkeling equipments. .


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