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Marmaris is a port city and a tourist destination on the Mediterranean coast, located in southwest Turkey, in the Mugla Province. Marmaris' main source of income is tourism. While little is left of the sleepy fishing village that Marmaris was just a few decades ago after a construction boom in the 1980s, Marmaris still retains its charm due to the exceptional natural beauty of its location. Marmaris' nightlife rivals anything on the Turkish coast.

It is also a major centre for sailing, possessing two major and several smaller marinas. It is a popular wintering location for hundreds of cruising boaters. There are regular ferry services to the Greek island of Rhodes, and large cruise ships call at the port.

Marmaris bay resembles a calm lake and offers ideal mooring for yachts. The Marmaris Netsel Marina, one of the largest and best-equipped in Turkey, and the Marmaris Albatross Marina, one of the best for wintering and maintaining yachts, make Marmaris an excellent starting point for the Blue Voyage tour of the Aegean Coast. Marmaris is an important port city and a tourist destination on the Mediterranean coast, located in southwest Turkey, in the Mugla Province.

It is a popular wintering location for hundreds of cruising boaters. There are regular ferry services to the Greek island of Rhodes, and large cruise ships call at the port. Although it is not certain when Marmaris was founded, in the 6th century BC the city was known as Physkos, and considered part of Caria.

Landmarks and Museums.

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Marmaris Castle
It is the seaside city's top landmark and was built by Ottoman Sultan Suleiman, modelled on the castle on Rhodes.  It is also home to a significant museum (the Archaeology Museum) and a popular café.

The Ruins of Knidos
West of Marmaris stands the breezy peninsula & town of Datca, home to the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Knidos and one of the most picturesque historic attractions in the region. Sitting on a steep hilltop, the intriguing remains of Knidos are a fine testimony of Carian architecture silhouetted in an amphitheater looking out to the Aegean Sea and a necropolis. Travel back in time to the ancient city and step into a festival conceived to honor the gods of Apollo and Poseidon. As you wander around, your eyes will meet temples, a theatre and an agora which date back to the times of the Carian civilization. Most of the daily boat tours goes all the way to Knidos and stay there for about 1 hour.

Old Town
The historic Old Town has been built up around its fort and is replete with buildings from the 16th century onwards. Many of them have been restored and converted into shops, restaurants or bars, set in a tangle of narrow alleys closed off to traffic. It is great to wander around here and get away from the searing heat of the beach, and you don't even need to shop.

Grand Bazaar (Carsi Market)
Marmaris Grand Bazaar certainly lives up to its name and this traditional marketplace of the city is simply vast, being filled with shops, stalls, barbers and eateries galore. It is good to explore the bazaar, along with the Old Town, and you can pick up a good deal on traditional crafts or rugs if you are adept at haggling.

Netsel Marina
Marmaris Marina, also known as Netsel Marina, is the coastal focus of the city and is home to an array of flashy yachts, shops, restaurants and bars. This is actually the biggest marina in the Southern Aegean and has excellent facilities for both yachties and for tourists. Boat tours around the coast leave from here with Blue Cruise, plus there is also a swimming pool and restored houses nearby.

Archaeological Park
This interesting archaeological park, known as the Rocks of Goodness, is just a short distance to the east of Marmaris and lies within the Iyilik Rocks area. It primarily features ruins going back to the 4th century BC. The Iyilik Kayaliklari Archaeological Park comes with fine views of the coast, since it is located on an incline.

Kizkumu beach
Kizkumu beach is located in the Orhaniye town, about 26,4 km. from Marmaris. The beach is fantastic that travellers may walk along the middle of the bay. According to the legend, there was a lady who was in love and she tries to pass through the sea to reach her love by filling her skirt with sands. And when she is out of sand, she drowns.

Cleopatra’s Island & Beach
The island was named after Cleopatra’s legendary love story. The myth tells that Cleopatra refused to step on any land other than Egypt, so Antony shipped a boat of sand from the Red Sea; then they swam across turquoise-emerald waters to reach what is today one of the most special beaches in the world. Each grain of this smooth white sand is a perfect sphere and that is what makes the island so extraordinary. Don’t miss your chance to swim and snorkel in the azure waters of the bay or visit the agora and amphitheater from the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

Dalyan & Iztuzu Beach
Dalyan, located 80 km. on the southeast of Marmaris, can be considered as a wonder of nature where the sea and the lake come together. The region is famous with the golden beach of Iztuzu, the sea turtles (Caretta Caretta), healthy mud bath and the ancient city of Kaunos. Dalyan is accessible by boat trips from Marmaris.

Daily Boat Trips
Boasting small coastal villages, swimming bays and ancient ruins, the Turkish Riviera is the perfect escapade for adventurous travelers. A voyage along the rugged shoreline of the Turquoise Coast delivers scenic landscapes, historical sites, and hidden bays in its endless small coves, lush forests and streams. Get hooked on magical days spent snorkeling or scuba diving in remote locations or set sail from Marmaris harbor along the coastline to Izmir where you can go windsurfing. The Turkish Riviera is also home to the world-famous Blue Voyage, a week-long trip on gullet type schooners to ancient cities, harbors, tombs, and secluded beaches.


Shopping in Marmaris

Lots of shops selling usual tourist fodder as well as local specialities such as Turkish Delight, carpets etc. Most of the branded clothing on offer is fake and is very cheap but the quality can be surprisingly good (Check sizes before commiting to buy, especially when buying in markets. Real leather can be bought for a good price if you're prepared to haggle.

Hairdressing and beauty treatments are good value but beware of tattoo hygiene issues if you decide to be inked permanently.

For food, there is a large supermarket at the end of the main road before the harbour and marina called Tansas which stocks virtually everything including international brands. Tansas has a sister company called Migros which has two stores in Marmaris, one at the harbour and another larger store on the main road close to the Marmaris Court building.

Most tourists enjoy visiting street markets in both Marmaris (Armutalan) and Icmeler. The markets sell most of the same things the local shops stock but one can haggle a bit more. Street market in the Armutalan area of Marmaris is on a Thursday and the Icmeler market is every Wednesday.


Marmaris Transportation

You can get flights to Dalaman, the nearest regional airport which is 100 KM away from Marmaris. Coach transfers are 1 1/2 hours.  Airport is served by many operators such as thomsonfly, flythomascook, EasyJet and Turkish Airlines, Atlas Jet and OnurAir. Transfers are easily arranged on-line and there are frequent bus connections which correspond to the arrival of domestic flights provided by Havas costing around 4-5 US$. 

Cheapest way of getting around is using the dolmus minibuses. These are 11 seaters which travel the main road in Marmaris and Icmeler, the neighbouring resort. The fee is less then a DollarL anywhere in Marmaris, around 1 US Dollar, between Icmeler and Marmaris. Marmaris dolmuses have a green band across them and orange for Icmeler. Other dolmus services serve Armutalan which is a suburb of Marmaris. The Armutalan dolmus has a blue band across them.

You can pick them up from the side of the road by hailing for them and they will stop wherever you want on the route.

Other buses are frequently available and compete with dolmus services. They are slightly cheaper and are city council owned buses which are similar in concept but slightly larger than dolmus minibuses.

Taxis are recognized by their yellow color. The fare shown on the meter reads according to the distance travelled. Yet it is better to take a dolmus - taxis could be expensive in resorts. Pprices are negotiable

To travel further a field, to the bay of Turunc, Hisaronu, Gokova or Datca, you will need to go the Marmaris Bus Station on the outskirts of town or hire a car. For covering greater distances, there is a variety of bus lines and companies to choose from. There are ticket sales offices for these bus lines located at the northern end of the Tansas Shopping Center. The bus station is 2km north of the city.


Marmaris Travel Map

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Marmaris Travel Activities


Blue Cruise: Marmaris - Fethiye - Marmaris  (7 Nights)
Cruise Price: 240-520 Euro per person per week in double cabins; including tax, accommodation on gulet boats with en suite baths, breakfast, lunch, dinner, board games and basic snorkeling equipments.

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