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Private Guided Tour of Gay Night Life and Gay Venues in Istanbul

We are offering private guided tours to discover gay nightlife of Istanbul with male gay accompany-guides experienced in gay life of the city..
Istanbul Gay Night Tours

Discover Istanbul's Exotic Gay Life With Us !

Are you a gay man visiting Istanbul for the first time? Are you a stranger to the gay world of this mysterious metropolis? You surely need somebody to lead you the way during your first few days. Somebody who knows what is going on in the gay world in this city. Somebody who knows and understands your expectations. This tour does not aim to cover everyday of your vacation. A one-time reservation will normally be enough to help you continue on your own for the rest of your vacation in Istanbul. In fact, the main idea of this tours is to make an introduction to the gay scene of the city.

Walking & Orientation Gay Night Tours (3 hours)

Tour Time: from 20:00 until 23:00 o'clock (flexible if requested).
This is mainly an informative walking & orientation tour around Taksim district, where majority of gay and gay friendly venues are located. Your guide will give you general information about gay life in Istanbul and show you the location of the popular gay venues in the vicinity. Although most of the gay clubs are open / busy after midnight, there are a number of gay / gay-friendly cafe shops and bars during the tour to stop for a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer. You will also be informed about baths, saunas and other after-midnight clubs and bars along the way, whether they are open or closed at that time.. Your guide will set you free in Taksim at the end of the tour, after which you can go back the the places you have been advised more comfortably, or come back another day.

Our Guides

We have several experienced English speaking accompany-guides who have been doing these tours for a while and who are very experienced about the gay life and gay venues of Istanbul. This tour will be very useful in terms of saving time and energy, mainly because most of the gay venues are difficult to find in Istanbul and the gay culture of Turkey is fairly different than most of the Western countries. Besides, very few people speak English or any other foreign languages in Istanbul and it will be very difficult for you to communicate with people especially in your first days. Our guides will naturally tell you where to go, but actually they will also be telling you where not to go, and what not to do. They will also provide you very useful tips about  possible dangers which you may encounter in this very crowded and cosmopolite city.


This is not any kind of escort service and we do not find partners to our clients as a part of this tour. Providing prostitution is legally forbidden in Turkey and we suggest you not to trust people you meet on the internet who are offering such services, for your own safety.


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Private Gay Guide Istanbul


50 Euro total for 1 person privately
60 Euro total for 2 persons privately
75 Euro total for 3 persons privately
80 Euro total for 4 persons privately

The prices include only guidance and cash payment is requested. Cost of transportation, entrance fees / drinks / cloakrooms etc for you and for the guide is not included, which is actually going to be minimal during this tour's time. You will be taken from your hotel when tour starts, but on the way back you will be set free at tour area unless you pay for the extra transportation (taxi) cost of the guide. You can finish the tour ahead of time if you think you had enough, but still full payment will be requested as a principle.


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